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Acknowledgement to reviewers of Stomatological Disease and Science in 2018

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    The editorial office of the Stomatological Disease and Science would like to take this opportunity to thank all the reviewers for their effort and expertise for assessing manuscripts in 2018 [Table 1]. The high scientific quality of Stomatological Disease and Science's papers owes much to the continuing dedication of the journal's reviewers, who volunteer their time and expertise.

    Table 1

    Names of reviewers and guest editors

    Takahiro KannoEssam Ahmed Mohammed Al-Moraissi
    Michael MiloroCharles Greene
    Nikolaos A. ChrysanthakopoulosEduardo Fernández
    Ole E. SørensenShani Ann Mani
    Pedro BullónBrice Korkmaz
    Angela Pia CazzollaAndrej M. Kielbassa
    Bennett T. AmaechiIrene Schmidtmann
    Letizia PerilloVinicius Pavesi Fardin
    Johannes SchmitzAndreadis Dimitrios
    Guilherme TrentoMerve Goymen
    Esra ErginVidya Albert Yen
    Francesco SommaFlávio Alves


    Authors’ contributions

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    Availability of data and materials

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    Conflicts of interest

    All authors declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Ethical approval and consent to participate

    Not applicable.

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